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Lifestyle Innovations is rooted in the principles of Integrative Health.

What is Integrative Health? Integrative Health is a whole-body, holistic approach to health; a method of understanding the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. A lifestyle based on the principles of Integrative Health utilizing every aspect of our being to provide balance, perspective, and understanding to our life. Being healthy involves much more than eating right and exercising; it involves the mind, body, and spirit working together as a single unit to take on all life’s challenges. Change does not happen overnight; it is a process of defining goals and developing a plan for achievement. The process begins from within and evolves through understanding of our whole self. The journey begins now; Are you ready to get started? Integrative Health services include the following:

  • Individual and Corporate Program Design
  • Nutritional Guidance
    • Evaluation and Assessment
    • Education and Understanding
    • Nutritional Program Design
  • Physical Activity and Exercise Program Design
    • Custom Programming Tailored to Individual Needs
  • Stress Management
    • Evaluation and Assessment
    • Education and Understanding
    • Programs Incorporated to Lifestyle Needs
    • Methods Include, but are not Limited to the Following:
      • Meditation
      • Yoga
      • Time Management
      • Exercise
      • Nutrition
      • Physical Activity

Lifestyle Innovations “Your Wellness Solution”