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Our Story

Lifestyle Innovations initial motivation was to fulfill the nutritional void existent within youth travel sports; offering nutritional counseling to provide the competitive edge to the athlete. However, it quickly become evident that in order to reach the youth athlete, nutritional counseling, guidelines, and information needed to be available to the parents and guardians of athletes as well. Furthermore, Lifestyle Innovations saw a need to expand into the areas of physical activities, exercise fitness, and stress management; offering the public a company that is more well-rounded to the needs of the community and utilizing the business concept of “One Stop Shopping” Today, Lifestyle Innovations is committed to helping clients at all levels of health and fitness live better, fuller lives. Education and research are the key elements to offering the client the most up-to-date information and providing a limitless variety of wellness programs to target all experience levels, from beginner to the advanced athlete; Lifestyle Innovations offers programs that will challenge the client for “Maximum” results.
Lifestyle Innovations; a company providing customized programs and committed to client’s reach their highest potential through a balance of physical, mental, and spiritual focus.
“The journey begins now; let Lifestyle Innovations be your guide”.