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Stress Management is “Preventative Health Care” that works with individuals to understand stress, identify stressors, define the types of stress, recognize the health issues and concerns directly and indirectly linked to stress, and finally develop coping and management strategies for handling stressful situations (Seaward, 2009). Stress is a perceived; making treatment methods unique to the individual.     
Did You Know?
The World Health Organization has sited stress as “a global epidemic” (Seaward, 2009). Up to 75% of all lost time in the workplace is stress related and up to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are due to the effects of stress
American industry spends an estimated $150 billion annually on issues related to stress; this primarily relates to absenteeism, reduced worker production, and workers compensation benefits (Kaplan University, 2012).
Stress and the negative impact to individual health is real! Management is possible; plans are tailored to the individual needs through a variety of education, coping, and treatment methods.
Question #1
What is creating the stress in your life?     
Question #2
What is your management method; unsure?
Contact Lifestyle Innovations; together we can develop the management method most suited to fulfill your needs.